Controversial Win: Eve Gilles Takes Miss France 2024 Title, 'Pixie Cut'

Meet Eve Gilles, Miss France 2024

Explore the unique journey and controversy surrounding Eve Gilles, the crowned Miss France 2024.

Making History: Eve Gilles' Crowning Moment

Witness the historic moment when Eve Gilles became the first Miss France with a pixie cut in the pageant's 103-year history.

Social Media Backlash

Discover the controversy as social media reacts to Eve's 'androgynous' appearance, challenging traditional beauty standards.

Eve's Response to Criticism

Eve Gilles addresses the criticism, emphasizing the importance of embracing diverse definitions of beauty and femininity.

Getting to Know Eve Gilles

Learn more about Eve's background, from her hometown to her aspirations and studies in mathematics.

Overcoming Challenges

xplore Eve's journey, from briefly working in a factory to becoming Miss France, overcoming challenges and breaking stereotypes.

Celebrating Diversity and Empowerment

Eve Gilles' story is a celebration of diversity and empowerment. Beauty comes in many forms, and Eve's win challenges the norms.

Join the Conversation

Join the conversation. Share your thoughts on Eve's win and the evolving standards of beauty.